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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Come Down From Your Roost For Some Hooch ... Or Breakfast ... Or Lunch

The Roost
920 Massachusetts Street
Lawrence, KS 66044
Phone (785) 843-1110

After 36 hours without food and cameras shoved every which way (I'll spare you the details), I thought it was time for some carbs and protein ... the biscuits and gravy were awesome although a bit pricey at $7 for a full order!

I had the Kansan ($8) with eggs, bacon, home fries and English muffin. It was good, not spectacular, and a decent sized serving, but the bacon was a tad too crispy even for my taste.

The ALL YOU CAN DRINK self-service coffee bar ($2) is superb with a nice selection of premium coffees and condiments to choose from.

The service is adequate, not bad, not great, with little interaction and a bit of a "high brow" feel. A breakfast place should have a warmer, more inviting, friendlier feel, especially in a small college town. Their prices are a tad high on most things, so I have to deduct a couple bombs when it comes to "value".  For example, $5 should be the maximum price for biscuits and gravy no matter how big the order is or how good they are.

Oddly enough, for a place that is only open for breakfast and lunch (7am-3pm), The Roost has a bar and will serve you rather expensive cocktails ($7-$8) or wine ($5), so if you are looking for a mid-day buzz along with your biscuits and gravy, this is the place for you!

CombatCritic a Gives The Roost 6 Out Of 10 Bombs ... BOMBS ARE GOOD!

Title:  Come Down From Your Roost For Some Hooch ... Or Breakfast ... Or Lunch

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